Z Black Card

Our Card Is Made Out Of Metal With Amazing Rewards Just Like The Elite Cards In The World

Metal Card

Welcome to The New Sound of Money

Build Credit

A good credit score can help you pay down bills or buy a new car. The
Z Black Card can help establish or rebuild your credit. Therefore, this is the only debit card that cares about you and your future. 

Tax Write-Off

Most folks are looking to earn or save money on their taxes. Good News! The business component of the 
Z Black Card can help with just that.  

No Credit Check

The Debit Card That Pays You Back!

Tax Write-Off

Earn Residual Income

In addition to building your credit, the

Z Black Card will provide a new source of income through referrals.

Who doesn't want to earn extra money? My Z Black Card does it all and better than any other debit card. 


Improve Credit

Secure a 10K Credit Line